Due to the focus on driver development the distribution of inst2midi has been discontinued.
Thanks a lot to all customers since 1998.




Ok, you think this is all fake? You heard this before and were disappointed?
The songs below were originally sampled at 44,1 khz, converted by Inst2Midi in real-time and recorded with an external Sequencer.
There was no post-processing of the MIDI files, there is no deception. We've converted the audio files to mp3 to make a faster download possible for you.

This song called "Bublizki" for the clarinet. clarinet.mp3 clarinet.mid
Listen to "Angel Eyes" played by the trombone. trombone.mp3 trombone.mid
We get faster with the first violin of Johann Strauss "Chinese Galop". violin.mp3 violin.mid
Three improvisations by the sax family. (alto, tenor and baritone) altosax.mp3 altosax.mid
  tenorsax.mp3 tenorsax.mid
  baritonesax.mp3 baritonesax.mid
A improvisations by the trumpet. trumpet.mp3 trumpet.mid
A blues scale by the nylon guitar. nylonguitar.mp3 nylonguitar.mid

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