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Audio to MIDI Real-time Conversion Software

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Inst2Midi converts your monophonic audio source straight into MIDI Data. With Inst2Midi and a scoring Program your voice, clarinet, trumpet, violin, a solo with your guitar or almost any other instrument is translated via microphone into a written piece of music in real-time. You can create a fantastic stage performance by triggering an external synthesizer or make a fast exercise setup with an internal Software Synth or get an impressive light show by triggering a MIDI light mixing desk. Inst2Midi is a serious tool for musical education. It tells you as fast as possible, if your voice is in tune, if your fingers are placed correctly on your string instrument. MIDI is the standard for transmitting musical data which is understood by all professional electronic music devices.

The capacity of Inst2Midi

Inst2Midi is NOT a simple pitch tracker! The recognition algorithm is based on the relation of the partials of your instruments sound. With this algorithm Inst2Midi even works with difficult instruments like the trombone or the oboe, which are playing nearly without a fundamental in their lowest octave. ( Your brain is adding the fundamental!).

Inst2Midi works over a pitch range of more than seven octaves. It handles the range of the grand piano, double bass and the piccolo. The lowest possible note is the A'' (A0) in the subcontra octave up to the highest Note c5 (C8) ( MIDI notes 21 - 108).

If we say real-time we mean real-time. Inst2midi takes approximately 100 measurements per second (Windows: 10 per second) if your system is not under load. Selecting the finest adjustment of Inst2Midi's sensitivity, it detects even the fastest vibrato with a delay of 1/100 sec (Windows: 1/10 sec). ( On the other hand it detects how you spit into your brass instrument or how you scratch over your strings, so you have to play very precise working with this adjustment.) Inst2midi works with every audio sample rate and input source and every internal and external MIDI output port of your computer to give you a perfect cooperation with your third party software.

How do you interact with Inst2Midi?

Our work has its roots in programing tools for the "new media artist". Asking professional musicians for their needs and wishes, we wanted to develop a program just with a clef for your visual feedback and a MIDI on/off button. We got close, but did not reach this goal. In Inst2Midi's "User Mode" it is possible to load a predefined instrument definition file. The distinct, simple display shows the clef matching to your instrument, even if you are playing a transposing instrument Inst2midi displays the correct transposed note, while it sends out the fitting natural note. You just have to adjust the sensitivity slider to an appropriate value, switch on the MIDI out button and start playing. Working with Inst2Midi's "Expert Mode" you have the possibility to define your own custom Instrument. Adjust the pitch range of your Instrument or voice and select the amount of harmonics Inst2midi should look for to lower the load of your workstation. We have added a small, nonlinear equalizer, which is automatically adjusting to the compass of your instrument, so if your Instrument has "weak notes" you can amplify them.


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