ipMIDI - MIDI over Ethernet - compatible hardware

Some examples of hardware that communicate with the ipMIDI driver

Solid State Logic:

Solid State Logic offers
the Matrix SuperAnalogue™ mixing console,
the C100 HDS Digital Broadcast Console,
the AWS 924 & AWS 948.

ipMIDI is already bundled with these products. SSL customers can download the latest ipMIDI driver from the SSL support site.

ams Neve:

ams Neve offers
the Genesys mixing console,
the Genesis Black recording console,

ams neve recommends ipmidi in their manuals: Genesys, Genesys Black.

Rupert Neve Designs:

Rupert Neve Designs offers
the SwiftMix™ Automation Motorized Fader System

RND recommends ipmidi in their manual.


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